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  1. Adam J. Humphreys says

    Ok I just looked at this and their sites are not what anyone actually build. What a scam.. seriously there’s no proper images.

  2. Horia Bologan says


  3. Lee Fletcher says

    To be fair, all builder UI issues aside, this is pretty exciting.

  4. Esa Lappalainen says

    No oxygen, no gutenberg kadence, no bricks in comparison. No linked site to test.

    Seems like empty words but I do host some heavy divi client sites so we’ll see.

  5. Samuel Gonzalez says
  6. Jay Gear says

    Divi looking a little compelling again…

  7. Peter Needham says

    They had to do this. And good on them. I still cant work with their interface, but at least theri customers are getting value for money again.

  8. Aaron Whittaker says

    That’s actually pretty cool 👍

  9. John McBade says

    In my opinion, Oxygen and the supporting developments available are at this point still ahead of the curve. Feels like an attempts at “catch up” to me.

    Look for an Elementor “catch up” product next 😛

    Meanwhile I am not ready to jump ship just yet. 😛

  10. Aleš Sýkora says

    Very cool, looks like I can stop rebuilding the divi sites with Oxygen. They did a good work.

  11. Thomas Jari says

    I hate these “let’s hate Divi” posts. 😖

  12. Mark Strus says

    A lot of my clients have Divi sites and I’ve noticed pages load quicker but the builder is so painfully slow to work with and there are so many bugs. I wish they would stop adding new features and changing their UI and focus on stabilizing the builder.

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