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  1. Kyle says

    Nah. Still missing CSS Grid, Conditions, Mega Menus… Just to name three. You’ll see I’m a Bricks fan, but it’s not there yet. I can build a complex site in Oxy quicker than Bricks still.

  2. Francis says

    Code blocks?

  3. Noureddine says

    Advanced query builder?

  4. Stephen says

    Seems like a few “Oxy Users” want oxy to fail, why?

  5. Wes says


  6. Charlie says

    Oxygen 4.0 is soon out and looks awesome

  7. Budi says

    I’m lazy to explore again, while Oxygen is still awesome!

  8. Jo says

    Please stop trying to make bricks that has any chance against oxygen, bricks is clearly half baked. In that case elementor is more complete than bricks and nobody’s talking about it, please admins.. , this post are annoying af

  9. Majd says

    We will see after 3-4 years where bricks is at… The name of the game is not “who can build the best WP builder”. The name of the game is who can sustain their business model long-term… As far I can see, bricks business model is the same as Oxygen currently which doesn’t bode well long-term.

  10. Gerald says

    Little Oxy fanboys can’t handle posts like these.

    Hard pills to swallow.

  11. Joffrey says

    Competition is good for us

  12. Manuel says

    I love oxygen till death…

  13. Blessing says

    Why are we even talking about other builders on here? 😏

  14. Richard says

    Any builder or developer that ignores the basic premise of a CMS has failed

    The requirement is to keep the following separate

    Code framework

    If you make one dependant on another, you are in danger of disruption when updates happen, or when the site requirements require change

  15. Vitor says

    I’m super curious here…
    Been using Oxygen for over a year and I never used a better builder before.
    Why is people so excited about Bricks? What does it do better than Oxygen?

  16. Martin says

    Hey Udoro ‘Cracka’ Essien, when will your next video be out. I kind off miss them. They are always excellent!

  17. Andy says

    Shiny object syndrome, false sense of advantage, pricing

  18. Shannon says

    Basic blog style sites I am using Bricks moving forward.

    Any site that requires more than the basics uses Oxygen.

  19. Chris says

    When Oxy Fans find out that Bricks still doesn’t have a native modal 😂😂😂

  20. Christophoros says

    Whatever makes you money 😛
    elementor oxygen bricks…

    Whatever you use and you are efficient then its good.

  21. Johan says

    the oxy problem is that it overrides themes , and is not a theme , because of that some plugins don’t work , bricks doens’t have that issue as it is a theme.
    And they will have full WPML compatibility , thats another raeson to swith.
    I do like oxy but it has some issue with plugins , multiple admins and multiple languages.

  22. John says

    I am still curious as to the “secret project” Lewis is working on 😛

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