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A client of mine has a unique requirement. Suppose Page1 consists of Section A,

A client of mine has a unique requirement. Suppose Page1 consists of Section A, B, C, D and Page2 consists of Section M, B, C, N. In this example sections B and C are common to both pages. The client wants to create each Section (A, B, C, D, M, N) as posts and then create a page which pulls in the different posts. That way they can create any page with various combinations of sections.
Is there a way to do this with Oxygen or any of its plugins or do I have to custom code this flow?
Thanks in advance.


  1. Alex Tester says

    I suggest CPT for sections and Relationship field for the client to choose the sections that they want to show.

  2. Andy Camara says

    Maybe make use of the re-usable parts?
    Make them all reusable and let them manage the page and sections

  3. Mikel Doka says

    Reusable parts

  4. Prabal Dey says

    Mikel Doka Andy Camara Thank you for your replies. I already used reusable parts for a demo. However the client doesn’t want his office staff members to go into Oxygen (he thinks they will mess it up) to add/remove the reusable part to a page. He wants to check which pages the reusable part should appear in. That is why I think I cannot use reusable parts.

  5. Austin Reason says

    Advanced custom fields and custom post types

  6. Matt Danskine says

    What about just using an Easy Posts block? Can’t you specify stuff in the query? Like a specific post ID?

  7. Mark Strus says

    Make a section template for each section that’s used on more than one page then use the template element to display it. Then when you need to make changes to one it will update across the entire site.

  8. Tony Crockford says

    You can use ACF to create toggle fields for page element sections. – use conditions based on ACF fields When a client creates a page they will be able to tick boxes to show sections. If you want sections to pull in posts, you can do that too. So Page template, sections included or not based on condition that checks value of an ACF field, the page template pulls in content from specific posts (or pages)

    This guy has a video about how:

  9. Hakira Shymuy says

    when things are so simple and the client complicate fkin everything 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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