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A positive rant:Guys, just wanted to say, as much as we shit on Oxygen, and while it has many flaws,

A positive rant:
Guys, just wanted to say, as much as we shit on Oxygen, and while it has many flaws, I’ve just used Elementor Pro for a few weeks after a long break, and OMFG. That thing is a joke. I think I just forgotten how bad it was.
  1. Personally I’m really hoping something better will come out of the new WP 5.9/Gutenberg developments in the future.
  2. A wet dream of mine is WordPress somehow slooowly migrating from PHP to Python… yeah I know… But, I mean are we still supposed to use PHP in 10 years?


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  1. Matt says

    All web hosting support PHP, but none of my hosters supports Python

  2. Jack says

    Wouldn’t JS/node be way more likely/feasible at this point?

  3. Adam says

    I’m a newer Oxygen user. Been using Elementor Pro/Hello for the past 2 years. My team is used to it, we have a stack of secure plugins that allow to do anything with Elementor.

    But that said, Oxygen is SO much faster. I love how it strips the theme. I love it for being very stable (on the frontend).

    What I don’t love is the builder hogging up resources. I’m running a Ryzen 3950x, 128gb ram, rtx2070 super, NVME drives, and Oxygen makes my fans whirl up and gets a little slow in the builder.

    Does anyone have a solution for the builder getting slow? Any little tweaks I can make to address this?

  4. Hakira says

    WordPress py? No way, gutenberg uses react, automatic got the team from the react wp framework on board, more easily it would go to nodejs

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