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A simple question, and probably a simple answer. How do I paste text from a word

A simple question, and probably a simple answer. How do I paste text from a word document without importing the formating. What ever I have done, i cant get my text from Ariel, in word, to my global text setting


  1. Vojtěch Frouz says

    I sometimes paste it into Chrome search bar and again copy it from there 😄

  2. Eduware Izekor says

    You can also paste it directly into the text tab instead of the visual tab(wysiwyg editor)

    Or paste it in the visual tab and go to the text tab and dele the extra styling that came with it.

  3. Tobias Karnetzke says

    copy into windows editor or simply use Ctrl+Shift+V

  4. Dominik Klon says

    It’s sometimes strange with Oxygen.. paste into .txt and then to Oxygen doesn’t work it take event the fonts and background from the .txt .. I experience it especially with special symbols

  5. Michael Ahanti says

    Remove formatting did it. Thanks

  6. Davor Mlinarić says

    paste to best friend notepad

  7. Phillip Wesley-Brown says

    Google Chrome supports a similar shortcut, Ctrl-Shift-V, for “paste as plain text”. (And it’s Command-Shift-Option-V on a Mac.)

  8. Albert Nurick says

    Easy way is to past into a text editor like Notepad, then cut and paste into the destination.

    Microsoft Word has generated millions of wasted hours. I have banished that program from my workflow.

  9. Ripal Patel says

    On Mac it’s cmd+opt+shift+v
    And on windows I suppose right click and paste as plain text to something

  10. Jay Allbritton says

    Lots of people will tell you legitimate methods for doing this. What I do is paste it Firefox search box and then copy it again. I’m not proud of it but I’ve been doing it for about 10 years

  11. Chris Boyce says

    Copy the text with your mouse, then paste using the option Paste Text Only👍

  12. Cipo Web says

    Paste as plain text option

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