the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. James says

    Thank you Orrett H Wynter!

  2. Kevin says


  3. Udoro says

    You beat me to this post! I’ve been feeling grateful to all those who have contributed to this group.

    Supa Mike’s website (Oxygen4fun) was a source of inspiration when I first joined the group. It made me see what’s possible with Oxygen.

    Sridhar Katakam was the first person to help when I attempted my first WordPress/Oxygen Woocommerce website. His website WPDevDesign is a great resource.

    Alexander Buzmakov’s incredible css ‘snippets’ and insights always comes in handy, but I remember him first for his funny posts/memes when I first joined the group.

    Jonathan Jernigan’s permaslug channel got me up and running with ACF and CPT.

    Like you said, there’re many who contribute, for me these were like the first contacts I made when I joined the group.

    Along the way I’ve learn /received help from many others, including but not limited to Matt Hias, James LePage, Kevin Geary, Marko Krstic, Simon Vidman, Jake P .

    Thank you all for making this community awesome!

  4. Davor says

    all great oxy names here, can’t agree more.

  5. Matt says

    Thank you very much, Orrett, for your nice words.
    I follow your posts since you first appeared here in the group. From the subject and content of your questions during that time I can see you have evolved a lot. And it looks like you have fun exploring new horizons.
    Keep your curiosity and enthusiasm!

  6. John says

    Yay, a positivity post… there should be more of those!

    I like all these people as well 🙂

  7. John says

    I only really use “Fake Book” for support stuff myself. Otherwise I hate it mostly 😛

  8. Uditha says

    Hey man. These words are 90% suitable for me too. It’s my 2nd year of web developing and I just made only 2 Elementor sites and luckily I saw a post about oxygen performance chart comparison with others. At that time I had no money to buy it but asked mom. Then I bought it. And it changed my whole life. Completely changed my life path. As you mentioned names they also helped me too. They have no ego. Really helpful community. And of course Resham Panth and Renato Ćorluka also helped me a lot. Thank you guys too. And Parv Noor became my savior. All because of Oxygen.

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