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About: advertising a job for an OXYGEN programmer

About: advertising a job for an OXYGEN programmer

I hope this does not violate any rules of this group … If it does please point me to a more adequate place to place this

Hey folks,

I have been experimenting with OXYGEN (well, the builder) for quite some time now, and I find it, as you might all expect, intriguingly different to other visual builders like Elementor or Divi in the best way possible. Classes! Finally. And so much more. Thank you for this tool.

My task now is to transfer a (bloated) site from DIVI to Oxygen, and clean things up on the way. I am the owner of (very small, with one employee) that same company the site represents, btw.

A designer is adjusting CI (colors and some symbols) in the beginning of October, some content of another sample site should be merged. When this is done the site (plus the changes in content, color and symbols) are to be rebuilt in OXYGEN, starting around Oct 7th.

I would love to give it a try to do it myself, but I might well get stuck or even lost on the way and the result might get higgledy-piggledy anyways. Know that, been there. Therefore the question: do you know of anyone (maybe yourself) to do this job? I am looking for a structurally and designwise clean implementation of a working ecosystem (woocommerce, eventon, CRM), with some basic classes to work with. Not complete regarding the content, I can add it on my own.

Two to three iterations, maybe, before I can take over at the end of October (wild guess).

Anyone interested? The site is: (DIVI, production site). The experimental site built with OXYGEN to get acquainted with it (messed up in various ways):

Not so much a facebooker, so you are welcome to reply to [email protected]


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