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ACF repeater help needed please!

ACF repeater help needed please! 🙏

Aim: Create filterable team member profiles with pop-up modal when headshot is clicked.

Step 1: I’ve created a CPT of ‘Team Members’ & populated a data table = ACF repeater (hero image, hover image, name, title, bio, etc).

Step 2: I’ve created a team member card with a Superbox for the images and added it to an Oxygen repeater. When I try to pull in the dynamic data, although I can select the right fields from the ACF repeater, I keep encountering ‘No data for field’ and nothing populates/appears.

Is it possible to:
– add an ACF repeater to an Oxy repeater?
– add a Superbox to an Oxy repeater?
– add a modal to an Oxy repeater?
– Filter the results without blowing up my site?

I have OxyExtras for the modal and WP Grid Builder for the facets.

I’m new to Oxygen, ACF and don’t know how to write PHP or javascript yet. But I’m determined to figure this out!

Please help achieve Step 2 to pull the ACF repeater data into the Oxygen repeater.


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