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Advanced Querybuilder Question:

Advanced Querybuilder Question:
I have a cpt artist. On my woo-product there is a relation to the artist. I will show a list with all artist and nest the titels of the product below the artist:

– hold the the line (woo:product)
– africa (woo:product)

Katty Perry
– Fireworks

How can I do this with the Advanced Querybuilder and repeaters?


  1. Sridhar Katakam says

    > I will show a list

    on the CPT archive or on a static Page?

  2. Hamun Adineh says

    Open up advanced query:
    1. set the post type to your woo-product

    2. select „post__in“ and choose your Acf relationship field as value

    3. select „orderby“ and set the value to „post__in“

    Does that work for you?

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