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Am I going crazy…?

Am I going crazy…?

If a custom block uses rich text, and then used in a sub page, you can NOT link to any files, and links to pages above that parent page redirect vs linking directly. I have done a few tests and this seems to be the case on all sites.

For example, if a page is:
websiteURL/services/subpage and you want to add a link to:
websiteURL/wp-content/uploads/file the parent force inserts itself, so it becomes:

It doesn’t matter how you type the URL either…

Nothing works.

With page URL’s the same thin happens but the pages redirect.

Has anyone else seen this?
Is this a known issue?
Is this new?
Is there a work around?
Is it just user error?



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  1. Doug says

    checked cache first I’m guessing right?

  2. Rich says

    Have you taken a look in the DB to see how that block is saved in the shortcode…

    Fire over the video mate, I’m happy to see if I can replicate…

  3. Elijah says

    You’re not crazy. This is a real stupid bug in the Gutenberg add-on and it’s been logged internally.

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