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  1. Matt Hias says

    No, you’re not alone 😉
    I was just about to skip your post about drag &drop when I noticed you’re NOT whining.

  2. Sridhar Katakam says

    Nope. There are 100s of us who have no issues whatsoever with drag and drop. It’s just that we don’t post about things when they work fine.

  3. Rachel Drosterij says

    Drag & drop or double click – works fine. 😄

  4. Blue Li says

    I was having the issue working with my Wacom before but after 3.8 update the issue is gone. 🥸

  5. James Crabb says

    Yeh I never really struggled before the update to drag n drop and since the update it’s just been really easy but my colleague struggles sooooo much and moans about it too 🙄 but he has his mouse speed at a stupidly quick speed (has 4 24” screens 2×2)

  6. Tony Rebair says

    No real issues here… sometimes have to drop a selection at the top of a stack and re-order it but it’s not a deal breaker to move builders or have an issue with.

  7. Max Ghezzi says

    Me neither

  8. Chris Tobal says

    probably depends on the browser you are using too, whether the graphics hardware accelerator is enabled or not, the processor … I have noticed this when using different operating systems as linux, BSD …

  9. Aaron Whittaker says

    It’s fine untill you get a complicated build, then it’s the opposite of fine. Which is why some people have no issues, some have major issues.

  10. Konstantin Fedorov says

    Not perfect, but it’s fine and not priority really. 🙂

  11. Martin Man Choquette-Scott says

    Measure twice and cut once.

  12. Saki Pow says

    Yeah I just create a div or text element so I can drag and drop it underneath then delete the dummy text or div.

  13. Harry Buckley says

    Its difficult. I always use the structure panel.

  14. Pablo Daniel López says

    Same here. Never a problem even in diferente servers size and configurations

  15. Aaron Whittaker says

    The issue is Brave browser as a guess. By default, Brave intercepts js calls due to its one eyed approach to adblocking, disable this should be fine.

    Or use Firefox Dev edition for Dev, brave for Crypto tokenism 😁

  16. Shaun Dave Rozario says

    I am finding the issues working on Local installations. Also this happens when the editor is open for around 15 minutes. Are there any recommended setup for Laragon which has been working well for any of you?

    I already have few projects on Laragon running at the moment, so don’t want to move to anything else.

  17. Niko Hannula says

    Moving to nested divs could be better. You have to be pretty accurate, know exactly where to drag it and wait for a second before letting go. It’s a small annoyance, not a big problem.

  18. Zbynek Smetana says

    Comfort could increase overall … responsiveness, comfort. It differs from other builders. It is enough to do something more complicated … to feel discomfort and clumsiness. I have a lenovo yoga 720 i7-7700hq 4k 16gb ssd512gb gtx1050 … maybe it is not top computer but not old crap.
    Plus I have to explain to everyone, “Why is this circle going so long?”

  19. Carl Frie says

    I quite enjoy this feature, so much easier than copying and pasting nested divs into nested divs.

  20. Victor Hansen says

    Works fine

  21. Sunny Trochaniak says

    I actually do still have some problems with the structure panel. I use Hydrogen Pack’s shortcuts whenever I get stuck.

  22. Salehuddin Arjunaidy says

    For me, drag and drop in the structure panel is fine. But in the main visual section, it’s quite cumbersome. It doesn’t scroll fast enough when we drag to the top or bottom edge of the screen.

  23. Parv Noor says

    It’s awful for it. Have so many get arounds for getting things into places, in the structure or front end

  24. David Pijor says

    Yes, but then there’s me who just spent maybe 10 minutes trying to move en element into an empty div.

  25. Valeria Salt says

    Yep. I lost an immense amount of time on such delays. Built a few sites – it took about 3 times longer than with Elementor. Annoying AF.

  26. Jason Morgan says

    I generally don’t have any issues dragging and dropping…

  27. Eric Embacher says

    I’ve been using Oxygen for over a year and because of the UI it still takes me at least twice as long to build sites compared to Elementor (no longer using) and Bricks (starting to use more and more). As Bricks reaches feature parity with Oxygen, it will become more and more unsustainable to continue with Oxygen.

  28. Dahni Shaw says

    The worst issue I ever had was trying to use oxygens tabs helper. Had to redo it probably 4 times.

  29. Alexander van Aken says

    I used it once and it worked superb. But, Then I started using drag ordering from the right navigation bar which doesn’t work perfect. So, I kept using that.

  30. Noah Pickle says

    Sounds like people need to learn how to actually code 😂

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