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  1. Trent Burns says

    It’s a css pseudo element. Use the inspector to see what the code is for the after element and use that on a div. send the url of the site if you need further help.

  2. Badin Pattamasirikul says

    watch this link ->
    It is the same idea.

  3. Sadhon Kumar says

    For first one hold mother div position relative and child div position absolute give this div height width and use css trick shape then it will be done

  4. Sadhon Kumar says

    Second one you can take svg shape

  5. Muhammad Ramadan says


  6. Chris Castillo says

    Pseudo :before or :after is the most performant way.

  7. Bartek Lewiński says
  8. Budi Haryono says

    Pseudo fill with clip path or transparent border

  9. Jan Drábek says

    Usually it is some :before element and actually it probably will be png

  10. Roman Mohar says

    I wouldn’t go in that direction.
    I would rather convince the client/designer that that is not the best idea.

    Blue and pale-white DIVs have already so many elements that attention goes elsewhere…

    From a designing viewpoint: avoid it.
    (I apologize, it this is your design – I didn’t mean to invalidate you.)

  11. Horia Bologan says

    It’s called chat bubble arrow (or triangle). Look it up on codepen. You need CSS knowledge

  12. Jennifer Beam says

    It took a minute for me, you mean achieve, not archive.

  13. Stephen Bliss says

    Need the link but just CSS triangles, probably ::after/::before

  14. Mirco Grande says

    Would also use ::before/::after for this to save on extra elements.

  15. Iker Gonzalez says

    But… why?

  16. Craig Rodgers says

    You could do it with images, just absolute positioning with the one in the second column.

  17. Rob Carter says

    Easy using a ::before or ::after pseudo element.

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