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  1. Max Singh says

    I get same error. This makes Oxygen unreliable and not sure I can depend on it to build my site and it crash unexpectedly

  2. Max Singh says

    Devs any help on this?

  3. Nicola Di Grazia says

    I have the same problem, related here too .
    No solution at the moment.

  4. Justin Blank says

    I had the same problem that was fixed when I turned off Siteground optimiser. I hope this helps.

  5. Luke Wakefield says

    It started doing this for me when I updated SG Optimiser.

  6. Tan Weh Ming says

    Yea it is caused by sg optimizer, best disable the auto update and dont update to 5.9.3 for time being

  7. Marcus Alexander Hansen says

    I narrowed it down to the “minify JS” option in SG Optimizer that caused the issue

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