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Any recommendations for Google/Facebook/Yelp review feed plugins that:

Any recommendations for Google/Facebook/Yelp review feed plugins that:

1. Have badges that auto-update with # of reviews and ratings similar to:

2. Have customizable review feeds that can dump them all into a grid similar to this:

I paid $500 for the LTD of WP Social Ninja and to be completely honest I am pretty disappointed with their transparency on what is offered in the plugin.
– They are very misleading on the chat capabilities (the widget directs the visitor off-site to chat. If you look at their advertising there is 0 indication that this is what happens when you get the plugin)
– The review carousel is completely broken on Oxygen and overflows of the page. They are talking about fixing this “next quarter”. Um, no thanks.
– The updating review badges are still marked as “coming soon” and won’t even be live in the next quarter

Their roadmap just looks like they have 1 dev working part-time on this project, and seem more concerned about rounding up LTD buyers than updating their product. Looking for a better option to do the above-mentioned items so I can refund WP Social Ninja.


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