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  1. Guillaume Reynders says

    Yep, it works -> massive speed bump. Tested it with a heavy site -> Divi + Woocommerce + Toolset -> Mobile: 49 -> 72 / Desktop: 62 -> 94. I didn’t tweak it yet and there isn’t any caching plugin active.

  2. Bruno Pirard says

    A backup site (in local) 🤣

  3. Albert Nurick says

    Why? It’s not just slow. It’s a mess.

  4. Niko Strobel says

    Tested it on three sites…. it’s definitely noticable! Not perfect though; especially mobile is lacking.
    All three sites went up to a B (from a C, a D and an E) in Gtmetrix.
    Pagespeed insights (mobile/desktop) went up
    43/87 to -> 57/93
    23/76 to -> 44/93

    So yeah, definitely better. Mobile 44 is still not ok though, but the site wasn’t built with performance in mind. I guess if you use the “new Divi” to build a site from scratch for performance, you can get much higher scores.

  5. Alek Lisefski says

    Can someone post the actual content, not just a link to a private group?

  6. Adam J. Humphreys says

    They’re deferring but it doesnt’ fix LCP. You can do all of that with WP Rocket and it’s still a bloated constipated site haha.

  7. Ryan Knowlton says

    I just tested a divi site and after the update…. it’s actually worse, much worse. Kind of disappointing.

  8. Niko Strobel says

    My takeaway after updating 25 sites: yes, it’s definitely faster. Not Oxygen fast, but it’s definitely an improvement.
    But it breaks a lot of things. I had to disable “Defer jQuery And jQuery Migrate” on all sites, “Dynamic Module Framework” on a few others, and on some sites I have disabled all of the new settings because some things still looked weird. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
    Could be bugs or some incompatibilities with Divi extensions I am using on every site that will be adressed shortly. So just make sure you check your site thoroughly after updating; not all pages are affected and it might look okay at first glance.

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