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  1. Patryk Stanczak says

    This is pretty cool, more like a balsamiq which is nice.

  2. Dustin Twyman says

    I never understand why most of these design sets people come out with never look good on mobile.

  3. Jared Ledbetter says

    I like the idea, but so far, I’ve never been able to use it effectively in a PROD situation. Had to ditch it for the last 4 projects, but I’m going to test it again soon.

  4. Davor Mlinarić says

    imho. all this you can create with few clicks and tweaks. using oxy with design sets is like getting Maserati and hire a driver. just… why…

  5. Vinod Kp says

    Oxymade is great

  6. Michael White says

    I like it, it is great for putting a site together very quickly, I am using it on 2 projects at the moment.

  7. Andre Shkalikov says

    What advantage is there to do this in oxygen? Wouldn’t doing wireframes or mockups be much better and faster in something like Figma?

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