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Are you too lazy to deal with your own website, like me? This is the worst site

Are you too lazy to deal with your own website, like me? This is the worst site I’ve ever done 不
What’s your crappy site? Write in the comments


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  1. Maminiaina says

    I feel you! it’s often very hard to work on your own thing compared to working on a client’s project!

  2. Amanda says

    Good complaint if youre busy working on client sites – I know that my excuse

  3. Tomi says

    Yet, it is very functional and it does what it is supposed to It is really an interesting thing, that a lot of sites that look like shit generates much more money / or have a better conversion rate than some spicy juicy webdesign.

    I don’t mean that web design is not important, I am just sometimes suprised by how some crappy looking sites are better in terms of conversion/money than a site that looks stunning.

  4. Marko says

    Usually it;s a portfolio website and I managed to polish it a little a couple of days ago

  5. Shamsul says

    Worst maybe, but full with great informative article.

  6. George says

    My agency business site is still built with Visual Composer, haven’t refreshed the portfolio for almost 2 years…

  7. Joey says

    My portfolio website is a bootstrap template and hosted in GitHub. Doesn’t even have it’s own domain. Haha

  8. David says

    My current site is Divi and the portfolio is sites I did about 3 years ago! A terrible advert, but when do you get time!

  9. Robert says

    Content is King , no matter how good the design is. Every User visits your site to get the right content.

  10. Michal says


  11. Patrik says

    Nice, I use a lot of the topics you have, however what is function for Disabling page scrolling when opening the Modal in Oxygen ( only disable the page scrolling )??

  12. Michael says

    I have been doing mine for the last 18 months, I have also 3 other side projects that have just been shelved too

  13. Dalibor says

    mine is so crappy that the title is “untitled document”

  14. Michael says

    We are all guilty of this at one time or another. I’ve had this one for a few years and only just realised it doesn’t even have a contact page. Gotta love referral business hahaha

  15. Quentin says

    Mine doesn’t even use Oxygen… (but not divi or elementor either!!)

  16. Alexander says

    New subscribers today. This is how it works

    BTW, I haven’t sent a single newsletter since I added the subscription form. I admit, this is irresponsible

  17. Cyril says

    Made with elementor and hardly updated.

  18. Terry says

    Im glad Im not the only one with the embarrassing site. Mine dates back to 2017 very basic and I tried to do osmething clever with overlapping SVGs and it didnt work.

    Content is king though, its just a shame mine fails on that too.

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