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# ASURA 4.0.2 IS NOW LIVE ☄️🔥

Asura 4.0.2 is a **major update** and the successor of Asura 3.2.
The core codebase is overhauled and resulting ~3x faster than the 3.x version.

We have revamped the User Interface, using Vue 3 and native wp-admin style, more sleek and fully AJAX experience.

The Connector plugin (4.0.2) is also now fully integrated with Oxygen Editor.

We also publish the new documentation on

## **Changelog**:

* Resource: New documentation
* Fixed: Demo / Preview page shortcode
* Improved: Overall ~3x faster than the Asura v3
* Compatibility: Asura Connector v4 or later.
* Fixed: Update plugin license server (
* Improved: Using up-to-date dependency/library.
* New: The latest Aether plugin is required to run this plugin.
* Tested up to WordPress 5.7.2
* Tested up to Oxygen Builder 3.8.1.rc.1
* Improved: Oxygen Builder integration is rewritten.
* Removed: LeadCart integration.
* Removed: ThriveCart integration.
* Improved: Plugin page brought back to wp-admin and fully AJAX experience.
* Improved: User Interface overhauled, native wp-admin style and VUE 3 based.
* Improved: Remote feature now implementing Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), no more proxied through your WordPress (~2x faster).
* Improved: Bulk actions, better search, and pagination.
* Compatibility: v3 API data is not migratable without manual action.
* Compatibility: v3 Remote data is not migratable without manual action.
* Improved: API feature simplified, no more granular routes management.
* Fixed: bad format colors collection output


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