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At first sight the Gutenberg integration looked amazing but then I realized that

At first sight the Gutenberg integration looked amazing but then I realized that after the customer makes his changes, those changes don’t reflect in Oxygen. So when I go in to add more content to the page, I am looking at the old content. So in the end, the content in Gutenberg is different from the content in Oxygen.


  1. Johnny Cottage Chalupa says

    Yes, that was really big disappointment to find out. And the speed of the editor, and other bugs…

  2. Gary Morgan says

    That’s disappointing, I haven’t tried it yet, but surely that’s a necessary feature!

  3. Guillaume Reynders says

    Do you have a caching plugin active? Could be the reason the content is not updating (at first sight). If you use a plugin, can you deactivate it and test again?

  4. Jennifer Beam says

    Your not using Gutenburg for content then.

  5. Eric Embacher says

    Bricks does it right with proper 2-way sync. Come to think of it, Bricks does many things that improves on the Oxygen way.

  6. Ramon Horst says

    Yeah your building blocks. Would be weird if a Gutenberg block could only be used once on a site don’t you think?

  7. Lucas Fernandes says

    I’ve seen people complaining about it more then once.
    Let’s say you use a text block in two pages. If you edit the text in both of them what do you want the original one (in Oxygen) to show? And why should it matter???

  8. Henrik Ballangrud says

    Just use the client edit mode, it’s not that difficult for customers to actually use Oxygen with the limitations you set πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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