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Based in Australia here and using Oxygen to build a Chinese website for selling

Based in Australia here and using Oxygen to build a Chinese website for selling software products to the Chinese market.

Can someone recommend a good WordPress hosting in Hong Kong for this purpose?

When choosing your hosting service, I learned that the “great wall” barrier needs you to sacrifice for choosing one side:

(1) If your server is located inside China, the speed will best suit your Chinese customers but you need to have a registered business there and an ICP number, which is hard to get. Maintenance of the website from outside will be very slow and painful too. <- So this is not an option for now. (2) If your server is outside China, your website and business is not regulated by the Chinese government and hence easier to set up. Maintenance will be easier too, but the speed will not be ideal for your customers. I found hosing a website in Hong Kong might be the best solution for this scenario because HK is outside mainland China it's still part of China and some of the hosting companies claim that they have internet infrastructure directly linked to mainland China. So if I host my website there, ideally I'll get fast and reliable access from both China and here in Australia. Please correct me if this idea is wrong, but if it's a good way to go, can someone recommend a good HK hosting company that can suit my need? (1) The hosting service accepts Australian registered businesses like mine. (2) It needs to have a direct internet connection with mainland China and doesn't get slowed down by the barrier when Chinese customers use my website. (3) My site is WooCommerce based so the hosting needs to be optimized for WordPress installation. I heard people recommending hosting with the LiteSpeed server because WordPress sites run much faster on that thing. This HK company should have this kind of setup to optimize the speed. (4) Free SSL certification (5) Free CDN (6) Automatic daily backup (7) Good runtime and reliable server (malware/hacker protection, etc) (8) Good customer service I use SiteGround GrowBig plan now and it has ticked (4)-(7) but the speed is not ideal at all. I need a good alternative now. Any recommendations? Any input is appreciated. 🙂


  1. Shaan Nicol says

    WPEngine have servers in Taiwan, not sure if they class this inside or outside as politically Taiwan is a bit of an issue

  2. Dirk Borchers says

    Tencent, Ali cloud.

  3. Supa Mike says

    For me and my clients in China, I always used ICDSOFT (Share hosting, HK servers) :
    You have to know that it’s always risky to host a website outside china. It can be blocked anytime. (not because of the website itself but because it shares the same IP as many others (share hosting)).
    It happened to me several times (5 or 6 times, in 15years, so it’s not that much but you need to be ready for that). The good thing is that ICDSOFT can migrate the account to another server, free of charge. Which is not always the case with other hosting company.

    Things to know :
    – Most google services are blocked in China (google analytics, google maps, even google fonts sometimes). So don’t use those for your website.
    – Most CDN don’t work in China (except those who have servers in China, but once again you need an ICP number).
    – Oxygen won’t work in China, unless you use my plugin “load oxygen locally”.

  4. Adam Tang says

    Ali cloud or aws. Ask them to guide you. China is strict and their AI stronger each day.

  5. Sumit Singh says

    You can try AWS lightsail , kista, Convesio

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