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  1. Rami M. Amin says

    Wonder what that means.

  2. Ljubomir Lješević says

    They are exaggerating, Webflow is unparalleled product in many aspects, it’s just been too long without any really major updates to the tool. Oxygen for example still has a lot of work to do to get where Webflow has already been for a long time now. Stability, absence of bugs (even with simple things like moving elements inside of a structure panel), advanced things like custom js interactions, or basic things like copy/paste…

  3. Kevin Geary says

    That’s what people don’t get. No tool is perfect. No tool will constantly have only pros and no cons. Unless something is going completely off the rails, people should either (1) stop complaining OR (2) change platforms.

  4. Chris Castillo says

    This is why I stick with WP, because (for the most part) you have more control over the platform. The WP core dev team can absolutely go off the rails but there’s always a backup plan which is forking the project. I hate the idea of being at the complete mercy of a platform that can change overnight.

  5. Rami M. Amin says
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