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  1. Will Hunter says

    Looks pretty good.

    For mobile. Your bullets are pretty small. The type.

    From a UI, the tabs halfway down the page. They’re intuitive to click. But you only see the picture change if you’re not scrolled down enough. If the tabs were between images and text box. You would see the tab info change as a whole.

  2. Robert Good says

    Mobile version is impressive. Nice.

  3. Shweta Rao says

    Very nice, I’d work a bit on the smaller fonts. Also, the size of the yellow and black boxes don’t seem equal on mobile.

  4. Marco Rubiol says

    It’s really nice!
    I seen few things I n mobile…
    1. the first section have a little space at left (see image)
    2. When I slide down and I come back at the beginning, the menu hides.
    3. When I slide down I can see the bottom of the menu (it’s not completely hiding)
    4. I think that can be interesting to have the first section (slider) with 100vh height.

  5. Michael Pedrotti says

    Less animations and more CRO.

  6. Mark Ormiston says

    The top right section is taller than others

  7. André Daus says

    The request sitework button is off (below the red one) while dumpster is next to it.

  8. Nik Rivas-Barnao says

    Your logo gets skewed depending on the screen size. I would stick with sans serif fonts throughout, the serif looks out of place.

  9. Simon Watts says

    Wow love the site! How did do the menu and hero may I ask?

  10. Emilia Azuma says

    I can see only the bottom of the header when sticky (like 2px haha), and the lists and subitems of the menu are too small on mobile. I would make them around 16px so it’s easier to read 🙂

  11. Peter Pupovac says

    Bit messy.

  12. Peter Pupovac says

    Noel Reynoso yes. Checking on mobile.

    Use the video on the hero section or at least a good positioned background.

    Get rid of the escavator png, red triangle too.

    The bullet list should be the same font size as the rest.

    If you really want to use red triangles from the logo, use it as bullet list icons..

  13. Matt Hias says

    You should provide fallbacks for webp images.
    Safari on older macOS does not support webp.

  14. Dusan Ristic says

    Mobile looking good man! Good job

  15. Ljubomir Lješević says

    Very tasteful and purpuseful animations and interactions, to be honest I rarely see that with Oxy-made websites. Bravo.

  16. Niels Tieman says

    That’s a website to be proud of! If you add Will Hunter’s feedback then you have a winner.

  17. Thomas Chang says

    Looks great overall. Thanks for sharing.
    My two cents, the Logo looks more like a spider rather than a diamond. Maybe the middle leg should come out a bit more.

  18. Flx Grafix says

    Looks great! How did you achieve the slanted / angled video container? Or in general, the angled sides of elements? For top and bottom it’s a shape divider, but for the sides? Thanks 🙂

  19. Nick Roberts says

    Looks great, change the font as mentioned and the site is down for me now – 502 Bad Gateway!

  20. Sebastian Hatton says

    Cool site. I really like the video. One problem for me scaling browser to small desktop or tablet breaks the line.

  21. Mitch Redekopp says

    This is incredible on mobile. Great work

  22. Terry Gooding says

    Looks really good – tiny little thing… on the hire dumpster page your map animation looks a bit different to how it does on your home page, not as smooth, was that intentional?

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