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  1. Kristiyan says

    I would be interested too, looking for designers as well

  2. Simon says

    Interested in working on small projects as a freelancer. Inbox so we can chat, so we see if I can help. 😉

  3. Michelle says

    I highly recommend Kirby Ziada he is amazing and has worked with me on some sites!

  4. Rehan says

    Hey André Riechert Check your DM for Oxygen developer!

  5. Sam says

    Bobo Kesen he is a Jedi warrior

  6. Jason says

    I can offer my services if anyone is in need of a designer/developer to work with Oxygen. [email protected]

  7. Sadhon says


  8. Dicky says


  9. Sergiu says

    ✅ I sent you a PM.

  10. Chris says
  11. Rafael says
  12. Victoria says

    You can check out my site. I am a studied Designer working with Oxygen.

  13. António says

    Hey André, I’ve been working with Oxy since version 1.0. Check my new site and portfolio (still updating)

  14. Yasien says

    I’d recommend Noureddine Hamaidi

  15. Bogdan says

    I recommend myself 🙂

  16. Joas says


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