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Carousel solution?How would you make this? I spent 20+ hours banging my head aga

Carousel solution?

How would you make this? I spent 20+ hours banging my head against the wall, no solutions yet
The client needs to be able to add new photos, so it should be pulled either from ACF gallery or ACF repeater…(or similar)
If someone has an idea, I would be very thankful for your help.


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  1. Fernando says


  2. George says

    Should be possible with swiper.js in combination with and

  3. Jakub says

    Just use splide.js. There are breakpoints built in the carousel by default. You can control the breakpoints via js directly in the slider, and I believe, that you can control the number of rows and columns as well. If not, just make 2 carousels, and set the display property for each slider accordingly. Drop me a PM if interested. I made several carousels using the splide.js library.

  4. Martin says

    Maybe a stupid idea and I don’t even know of something like that is possible, but… one section for desktop and one for mobile and hide the one that you don’t need with conditions or setting ‘display: none’ where you don’t need it?

  5. Ryan says

    we’ve made that concept in smartslider before. you can set 1 slider to be desktop/tablet and another one for just mobile.

  6. Juan says

    Let me give you a tip, after 30 years in development. Sometimes is very difficult to find an element that do what you want in large, medium and small devices. In that case you have two options, you can custom made it, if is worth it, or you can use two elements, showing one in large device, hiding it and showing another in small devices or finally you bend your requirements and get one, based on what devices you expect to use most of your visitor. Let say 85% would use mobile, well get one slider that do exactly what you want on movile, and do OK in large devices, but not exactly what you wanted.

  7. Israel says

    I did something similar to you. You must download “Hydrogen-paste – It’s Free” it was with swiper.js There are many more functions. any questions I’m here

  8. Budi says

    Try owl Carousel or flickity

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