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Centred Logo Headere drives me insane haha!

Centred Logo Headere drives me insane haha!

I want to build the header as you see in the image – however – since left and right rows are uneven in size – the logo will not display right in the center – it moves slightly right.

How can I fix that to always have it in center no matter what’s left + right?

Headere Logo Pusat membuatku gila hahaha!

Saya ingin membangun sundulan seperti yang Anda lihat di gambar – bagaimanapun – karena barisan kiri dan kanan tidak rata – logo tidak akan tampil tepat di tengah – bergerak sedikit kekanan.

Bagaimana saya bisa memperbaiki itu untuk selalu memilikinya di pusat tidak peduli apa yang kiri + kanan?

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  1. Raph Misanthrope Affectueux says

    Define same min-width for the side elements, or make the logo in absolute position and horizontally centered

  2. Nikita Severin says

    Set equal width for side containers

  3. Katja Hatvan says

    ok lol that was easy haha

  4. Katja Hatvan says

    thanks so much!

  5. Niko Hannula says

    I find the Header Builder pretty limiting. You don’t really need to use it – you could achieve what you want with a single Div or Section with Horizontal Alignment set to “Space between”.

  6. Kyle Behrend says

    beautiful design!

  7. Konrad Deskiewicz says

    My approach was using only middle cell and add grid container there with 1fr 30% 1fr layout and width 100%

  8. Alexandr Ivanov says

    Hi. you can use header selectors classes .oxy-header-left, .oxy-header-right, .oxy-header-center
    and if you have more than one header row use row id with this classes

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