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Could someone explain it. When i set

Could someone explain it. When i set
“Settings -> Permalinks -> Post name” and
write URL “” (random letters after slash ) to browser. Then I can see a list of the unformatted first few posts.
If I set a Oxygen template for 404 then this template appears instead of these posts


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  1. Christopher Gatt says

    the main template (in your case the unformatted first few posts) is always displayed if there are not other templates assigned.
    In other words there is no 404 template setup so it will show the default page.
    If you create a template as a catchall then this will show instead of the unformatted page. To better understand how this works you need to learn the templating hierarchy that WordPress uses. The unformatted page you are seeing is like the index.php file of a template. You then start assigning templates for different pages/posts/404s and so on. I have added a hierachy image from the WordPress developer site, you start from the right (index.php) and work your way to the left.

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