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CSS question

CSS question

Can someone point me to a post that explains how to achieve this 3D text in css? I have googled a bunch but haven’t found one that will fill the container with the extrusion.

Pertanyaan CSS

Bisakah seseorang menunjuk saya ke postingan yang menjelaskan bagaimana mencapai teks 3 D ini di css? Saya telah googling sekelompok tetapi belum menemukan satu pun yang akan mengisi kontainer dengan ekstrusi.

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  1. Bobo Kesen says

    Dear John L Webster… Please forgive me for saying this! 🙂 I don’t mean to make you angry and/or sad… But there are a bunch of Facebook groups out there, that solely focusses on CSS… Maybe it would be better if you posted your question there instead?

    1: The chances of getting a good answer will be way higher…
    2: This group would “to a higher degree” only have posts about Oxygen…

    Finally: Even though I personally wouldn’t use CSS for such an effect, there are some that have… If you look at, and modify the “2. Dropping It Elegantly”-example here “” then it might just work..? 🙂 Not hard to do…

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