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Dear community,

Dear community,

currently I am facing performance problems with E-Commerce websites built with Oxygen. My standard plugins are Oxy Umtima Woo, Oxy Extras (not always), WP Grid Builder, WP Rocket and other not important ones.

The problem is that the Shop Page, Main Category pages, Sub Category pages and Simple Product Pages are TOO slow.

I tried with different Cache plugins (WP Rocket, LiteSpeed, Optimi…etc.) but the performance was always almost the same (bad). I also tried with different CDNs (Bunny, Cloudflare, Stackpath, etc.) but nothing.

Honestly I don’t know what to do, I am really tired of always having the same problem = slow pages.

About the hosting, I tried Cloudways, SiteGround, Bluehost and other local hostings with server LiteSpeed (since the businesses are located in South America).

I would like to know about your experience building E-Commerce websites with Oxygen Builder.

I look forward to hearing from you, thanks in advance. 🙏


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