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Dear Oxygen Group,

Dear Oxygen Group,
i have a question regarding an advanced query im working on.
I want to show posts of a custom-post-type called “termine” (which means events). And i only want to show the ones, where the category has the same name, as the site im on.
So let’s say im on a site “Family”, i only want the repeater to show events, that also have the category “family”.
In Screenshot 1 you can see what i did. I also tested it, if it would work putting “family” in the category name query and it worked fine.
My thoughts are: since my Site title is “Family”, not “family”, i first have to run the site title through a function:
function kleinschreib($field_name){
return strtolower( get_field ($field_name, ‘option’));
…this is what i wrote. It will take the value and make it all lowercase.
So i chose PHP Return value as value for the “category_name” parameter. There i added my function name. However i dont know what to use for the site title as argument? (screenshot 2)
the_title? the_title()? or Even the_title(); ? Or something else?

I hope you can understand my problem and help me out =)
Thanks and Best!


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