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Dear Oxygen Group!

Dear Oxygen Group!
Do you know if it’s possible to work with Modals in an Repeater?
Check my example:
I have a grid, which is populated with a certain Custom Post Type. There is a button “more info” on every card. (Screenshot 1). When i click on it, it should open a Modal, with more info. The info of the Modal or lets say the content is aswell pulled from the custom post type. (Screenshot 2 & 3)
The Modal is put inside the Repeater (Screenshot 4).
The Problem is, that when i click on “more info” on one of the cards, that i fires up all the Modals at once. As Trigger target i chose the “more info” Link, but i can see the problem, that they all have the same id.
Do you have any idea how to solve this?
Thank you and best!


  1. Blue Li says

    You need OxyExtras lightbox module

  2. Md. Ahsan Habib Forayeji says

    I have tried to do the same with modal, it is not working properly because it opens multi times. If I have 5 posts then it open 5 times at one click. But the solution is OxyExtra lightbox

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