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Dear Oxygen Group!

Dear Oxygen Group!
I have a question:
On a client website, im working on, there is a team-site, where i work with lightboxes (Screenshot 1). On Dekstop everything looks fine, but on mobile, some texts create problems (Screenshot 2). The reason in Screenshot 2 for example is, that the header has a word, which is really long “Digitalisierungsprofi”. How do you handle long words like that?

My issue is, that the text is dynamic data, so i cant just create an Header element, with a line break, which is only shown on mobile.
I hope i’ve explained my problem well, so you can understand it and help me =)
Thanks and Best!


  1. Daniel Höller says

    use ­ for the long words where you need them to split

  2. Niko Strobel says

    You can add “­” in the data source where you want the word break(s) occur, but that’s not robust enough here. You would probably need to apply wrapping and overflow controls as well. Perhaps you can share the URL.

  3. Blue Li says

    You need to add a css property to the style sheet eg.
    word-break: break-all;
    This because the heading your have is too long. It need to have word break css property in order to break the word

  4. Christian van 't Hof says

    Got to love our long Dutch & German words 🤣

  5. Christian Heitmann says

    +1 für using “­”
    Problem with using “wordbreak: break-all;” s that it is overused in body text and the readability of the text suffers.

  6. Kokoh Coki Siregar says

    Brake word/ wrap word

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