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Dear Oxygen Users,

Dear Oxygen Users,
im working on a website for a client, where i want to display a set of events which is pulled from the custom post type “termine”. (screenshot1)…so far no problem.
I thought about how to maintain, that the client wont mess up the look of the website by adding ugly images 😀 so i thought about the following:
every event has a certain category. For example “sports”, “workshop” and so on. Depending on the category that is chosen from the ACF dropdown field (screenshot 2), i want Oxygen to assign a specific image.
Do you have any idea, how to set this condition up in the repeater?
Thanks and best!


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  1. Daniel Weaver says

    I’d have 5 image fields in acf, hidden from client. Then use conditions in the oxygen builder to display the image based on the category selected.

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