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Divi had a major speed update where they are getting fast load times, but I noti

Divi had a major speed update where they are getting fast load times, but I noticed that in the table comparing different “divi vs the competition” showing load times, Oxygen wasn’t mentioned 🤔 I wonder why….
Divi memiliki pembaruan kecepatan besar di mana mereka mendapatkan waktu yang cepat, tetapi saya menyadari bahwa di dalam meja membandingkan berbeda ′′ divi vs kompetisi ′′ yang menunjukkan waktu beban, Oksigen tidak disebutkan 🤔 saya bertanya-tanya mengapa….Diterjemahkan dari Bahasa Inggris


  1. Tanvir Ulla says

    Because Oxygen is unbeatable

  2. Zvonko Biškup says

    Because Oxygen is not their competition.

  3. Dicky Ibrohim says

    Because oxygen has reached the finish line when the match just started

  4. Peter Adrian Bernardin says

    I was thinking because if they put it in it would drive customers to oxygen lol

  5. Adam J. Humphreys says

    Because Oxygen is anything but user friendly. It requires all sorts of addons to hit stride.

  6. Sunil Ramlochan says

    It should be but Oxygen does not have the market share and isn’t even a blip on their radar at this point. And from the looks of things may never be…

  7. DrFola Ajisafe says

    Any reason why you are not asking this on the divi group? Not sur anyone here will ever be able to give you the “right” answer since none of us work for divi nor do most use divi…

  8. Dependra Sunuwar says

    Thanks for Metabox integration!

  9. Jornes Sim says

    Maybe they can’t beat Oxygen’s page speed at all? 😆

  10. Einar Nordgaard says

    also it comes with 7 updates in 5 days…

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