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  1. Blue Li says

    The default one works just fine
    But some use 1024 for tablet. But I think 992 works better 🤔

  2. Marcin Kusiński says

    I usually change the top value to 1440. The default one is to narrow in my opinion. Nowadays people usually have 1920 screens.

  3. Balazs Kubinszky says

    Is it just me who feels like he’d need more breakpoints – or the possibility to customize the number of breakpoints?

  4. Niko Strobel says

    My page width is usually 1280px. The rest is fine for me.

  5. LeIgh CoIbi says

    Does the 1440 make the screen wider and then shrink screen that have a smaller screen.

    Might seem like a daft question but I’ve never changed anything like that before.

  6. Roman Mohar says

    I normally don’t go below 1366 px. So, I just set up the first breakpoint and the three below I let as they are.
    Here is statistic – and my reason why:

  7. Lucy Pruvost says

    Does reducing the top page width affect how iPad pros show ‘fixed’ background images? Usually I set fixed for the top page width and then scroll for all others but I’ve recently had a problem with this tactic!

  8. Bob Liebl says

    Page width I make 1280

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