the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Mark Peters says

    Yes, invest some time in learning the tool and these problems are non-existant. Well most will 🙂

  2. Christopher Fischbach says

    That said, word really works well and can do a shitload of stuff… IF you KNOW HOW!

  3. Stephen Bliss says

    Microsoft UIs are an abomination.

  4. Fauzan Rani says

    Upload them on Google drive. Edit them over there, will save a lots of trouble.

  5. Jennifer Beam says

    I prefer Word to anything Google because of Google’s lack of privacy policy. Microsoft is getting worse but at least they don’t use your meeting notes for marketing purposes yet.

  6. Andrew Turner says

    I mean, Word (and Office) have only been around for like 40 years.

    Geez people, give them a little time to work things out. It’s like everyone expects everything instantly these days.

  7. Riku Forsman says

    Ms Office feels like they are making things more complicated than things could just to keep office workers education relevant.

  8. Adam Andrews says

    Parallels? Hmm … I think you’re trying to tell us something.

  9. Brian Giometti says

    This is awesome. Well needed this am

  10. Jeff Alan says

    Libre Office is free and works much better.

  11. Gabriel Denys says

    Lol Word is perfect (maybe not UI) and can do so much. Only people who don’t know how to use it complain. I use Google Docs for simple documents because it’s faster but if I need to write and IEEE report or something else complex or specific then MS Word is the way to go!

  12. Jason Jafo Fields says

    No. I don’t see the parallels. Just tell us what you’re trying to say.

  13. Ape Runner says

    this is CLICKBAIT

  14. Владимир Кеймар says

    I do not know what the parallels have to do with it. But I know other parallels. Previously, all web developers scolded IE. And who has taken over this baton now?

  15. Nate Galloway says

    I type words in Word, they appear as typed. Word is all good to me.

  16. Alan Smiles says

    My speel chocker is always brok.

  17. Albert Nurick says

    Word has been a hot mess for decades. I finally gave up on it, and use Apple’s Pages for document creation.

  18. Jason Reese says

    Learn how to use it properly and you’ll have much less issues. 😉

  19. Lee Busch says

    The common thread I see is complaining. Blaming the tool, or blaming the user, or just posting to vent. And yes, my comment is a complaint too 😉 I’m just as guilty. Sometimes we need to complain.
    But we can do it thoughtfully.

  20. Timothy Lewis says

    Moved to LibreOffice 10+ years ago and never looked back. 100% free and compatible with all ms documents and apps and updated regularly.

  21. Michael Pedrotti says

    Imagine using a .doc file in 2021 lmao.

  22. Leonardo Rodriguez says

    How come it’s 2021 and people still can’t click on that cute little dog button?

  23. David Hack says

    Fuck this, what a bullshit! #word4lyf

  24. Michael Rogers says

    I call bullshit doesn’t work more likely doesn’t know how to use it. Seriously😴

  25. Aaron Turner says

    Wow just Wow. My entertainment for today.

  26. Aaron Turner says

    Wow. How entertaining.

  27. Petar Dalipagic says

    Please get off Facebook and never return.

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