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  1. Sridhar Katakam says

    Need more details. Is this on archives or a single post? What is the URL?

  2. Esta Schoeman says

    Check your slugs, you might have a duplicate.

  3. Don Julien says

    Well I indentified what’s causing this. It seems to be a query I use to render a shortcode in a custom plugin. This seems to change the current id for global $post / get_the_ID. Any idea why it does that?

    if($ranking_query ->have_posts()):
    while($ranking_query ->have_posts()): $ranking_query ->the_post();

    $thisPost = get_post()->ID;
    $arr[] = array(“post” => $thisPost, “value” => (int)get_field($settings[“stat”]));


  4. David Graham says

    As per WordPress, because The Loop is global, you can only use it for one set of posts at a time. If you need to load posts alongside The Loop, you can instantiate as many custom WP_Query objects as you want and iterate them separately.

    If you want to reuse The Loop, you have to reset it each time, as you found.

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