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Edit: I figured out it was oxymade. thanks for your suggestions. I wonder where

Edit: I figured out it was oxymade. thanks for your suggestions. I wonder where I can change this in oxymade.

Global font size is not working.

Headings, font line spacing/ weight can change, but not font size. No matter what I do, it won’t change.

I used this tutorial from Digital Ambition to change my font size globally but no matter what I change it to, it doesn’t change at all. Rich text, normal text. The only thing that changes is the line height.

Even if I change it back to normal PX sizing, the font size doesn’t change globally. What am I doing wrong?


  1. Robin Kesting says

    Regenerate css cache

  2. Владимир Кеймар says

    If your minimum body text size is 18 pixels, then what is the maximum? 25? Maybe you mixed up the minimum and maximum?

  3. Richard Cooke says

    I had a similar issue with what I thought was Oxynija, turn out that it was web optimisation settings being enabled on my hosting but could also be an optimisation plugin, the ones which optimise CSS, JavaScript etc.

    Try disabling and clearing cache

  4. John Aperture says

    I think if you throw in !important on your clamp function, it will over ride the OxyMade body text size.

    In the previous version of OxyMade, text size was set to 16px on all body text. This was stored in the style sheet so you could comment it out if you wanted to use the clamp function.

    In the current version of OxyMade, You can adjust the maximum font size on the body in the GUI on the back end. But, it isn’t in the style sheet anymore so you can’t comment it out. Anvesh G might could confirm if this would override the body font size or provide another work around?

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