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Edit: I used the wrong language. I meant SHOWCASE. I’m looking for ways to sho

Edit: I used the wrong language. I meant SHOWCASE. I’m looking for ways to showcase my finished websites on my portfolio and struggling… What do you guys use for making mock ups for your websites? I spend way too long trying to showcase sites on my portfolio. Any decent free resources to share?

Edit: Saya menggunakan bahasa yang salah. Maksud saya SHOWCASE. Saya mencari cara untuk memamerkan situs web saya yang sudah selesai di portofolio saya dan berjuang… Apa yang kalian gunakan untuk membuat mock up untuk situs web Anda? Saya menghabiskan terlalu lama mencoba memamerkan situs di portofolio saya. Ada sumber daya gratis yang layak untuk dibagikan?

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  1. Jamie Owens says


  2. Johan de Jong says

    I usually browse Codepen for ideas or check how others do it on their website.
    And tools like Figma, Adobe XD, Photoshop or even pen and paper are great to get a visual idea of what you want to get.

  3. Jared Ledbetter says

    Mockup or showcase?

  4. Beer Kwantes says

    Either a Photoshop template (you can find many free ones on freepick when you search for mockup), or figma 🙂

  5. Rika Fouché says


  6. Mark Strus says

    Use a browser extension that screenshots the homepage. Then crop the screenshot how you want and add it with client info below it. You could also link to the clients site so people could click through to get an idea of the overall function of sites you built.

  7. James LePage says
  8. Michael White says

    this is how I have done mine, pretty simple but they get the info they need

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