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I am having this issue using the model element. I have a button in the model element that leads to the contact form on the same page (#contact-us). I added the class (oxy-close-modal) in order to make the button close the model as well. This should work fine, you click the button, the model closes, you arrive at the contact form, everyone is happy.

However the button only closes the model not leading you anywhere. When I remove the class the button only leads to the contact form leaving the model open.

Any ideas.


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  1. Marko says

    try to put delay?

  2. Alexander says

    1.Create a new button based on a div or text element, without a link (do not use the button element) and assign her class “mybutton”.

    2.In the Code Block, add the following code:

    location.href = “#contact-us”;


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