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Elijah Mills – Are you paying attention to this?

Elijah Mills – Are you paying attention to this?

This (HSL and using vars based upon a primary color to generate the vars AND make the colors generated display in a select list!) ought to be an out of the box way to manage colors in Oxygen.

Seriously this is brilliant proof of concept for an…


Elijah Mills-Apakah kamu memperhatikan ini?

Ini (HSL dan menggunakan vars berdasarkan warna primer untuk menghasilkan vars DAN membuat warna yang dihasilkan display dalam daftar pilihan!) seharusnya menjadi cara keluar dari kotak untuk mengelola warna dalam Oksigen.

Serius ini bukti brilian konsep untuk fitur Oksigen yang dibangun.

Menuju ke Github untuk menambahkan ini tetapi teman-teman, Anda perlu memilihnya untuk menjadikannya kenyataan

Terima kasih Kevin – barang brilian!

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  1. Hassan Kaddouri says

    This approach is certainly attractive but, as I understand it, it just adds another step by which we let the logarithm choose the color variations for us.
    I tested it and I want to thank Kevin for his work.
    Nevertheless, other recipes exist and, depending on the given base color, the human eye does not perceive the color variations in the same way. This is one of the reasons why I am not in favor of automating color selection.
    So, although it can be useful in some cases, I wonder about the merits of such an implementation in Oxygen.
    The more specific it is the more restrictive it is.
    This is just my humble contribution to this topic.

  2. Adam J. Humphreys says

    HSLA and all that is like woah wtf do I need this?

  3. Adam J. Humphreys says

    I want to see WCAG/ADA compliance video around oxygen because frankly if you’re not implementing best practices you’re setting yourself up to get sued.

  4. Will Hunter says

    I think their team has bigger fish to fry. Gives room for many others to lend their awesomeness, and you choose if you want to implement it.

    Kevin’s tuts are awesome. But they’re not everyone’s priority.

  5. Rotua Hamonangan Siregar says

    Make it reality

  6. John McBade says

    A possibly more robust or at least alternate implementation CSS var code definition you might be interested in can be found here:

    Enjoy 🙃

  7. Stephen Donald Petersen says

    Poor old Elijah Mills

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