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Elijah Mills We have terrible experience when we are on setting border to an ele

Elijah Mills We have terrible experience when we are on setting border to an element. Please check that and we expect the fix in the next version. Thanks. Love Oxy.

Elijah Mills Kami memiliki pengalaman buruk ketika kami sedang mengatur perbatasan untuk elemen. Silakan lihat itu dan kami mengharapkan perbaikan di versi berikutnya. Terima kasih. Suka Oxy.

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  1. Sebastian Schertel says

    Please tell the community what exactly your terrible experience is – because I cannot fathom what it might be. And the community might be able to help you.
    Also: I expect my customers to pay on time. Do they? Not always.
    Or in the words of The Great Cornholio:

  2. Ramon Horst says

    Who’s “we”?

  3. Francis Roland Scriven says

    Explain the problem and I think you’ll find a fix

  4. Dirk Borchers says

    When I set a border on the element or on a class the values can’t be seen when revisiting the settings. The border is still there, but fields for width, color, etc. are all empty. That’s why I use a stylesheet for borders and just add the selector to the element. I always thought that was a bug, but if you guys don’t have this issue then I’d like to find out why.

  5. Daniel Florian says

    Speak for yourself, not for everyone else. I, not We…

  6. Aleš Sýkora says

    It works like it generates css with border-top,left,right,bottom even if you set all borders. Thats why you do not see anything after revisiting the settings. When you click to top/left/right/bottom border itself in the settings you will see the color, width etc.

    It should work like when you set all borders same, then it should generate only border: xx px solid/… Color… Not the tags for top, left etc.

  7. Emanuele Chiari says

    We…..Terrible experience …. But is this the way to ask? Please don’t be ridiculous….

  8. Adam Tang says

    Create a support ticket? And please don’t include me in your “we”.

  9. Barry Smith says

    You guys are making too much of a big deal about the “we”, it is possible this guy is part of a team using Oxygen.

  10. Niko Strobel says

    Wow, that’s one entitled expectation…

  11. Michael White says

    Just create a css class with the required set-up and use that

  12. Niko Strobel says

    people say it’s a bug, but is that really the case?

    Because it makes sense to me. Adding something to “All Borders” is just a shortcut; it will not add one CSS declaration for “border: ….” but instead creates 12 different ones for “border-top-color”, “border-top-style”, “border-bottom-color” etc.

    So it makes sense that the values disappear in the “all borders” fields but can be found in the individual settings for top/bottom/l/r borders.

    Of course it would be more convenient (and I’m all for it!) to see this in “all border”… but what happens if you set a different color for the top and bottom border, for example? It could not be displayed under “all borders” anymore; probably creating even more confusion/frustration if it would sometimes show and sometimes not.

  13. Antonio García-Melgares Hernández says

    I have the same issue. Managing borders = complete Oxygen freezing for seconds

  14. Budi Haryono says

    height and width element on pseudo before or after not working well as well, i need create custom css to fixed this.

  15. Md. Ahsan Habib Forayeji says

    I had once same issue but found the id had border none of🙂. Again never faced this issue 😊

  16. Aaron DeVandry says

    Speak for yourself.

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