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Everybody’s favorite topic: Forms!

Everybody’s favorite topic: Forms!
Specifically, does anyone know of a form builder with *page* rule logic?

I’m trying to recreate an extremely complex Formsitedotcom form natively in WP. The entire form is about 60 pages (more like cards) in length but most users will only ever see 10 or so of those pages based on the path their answers route them. Some skip right from page 5 to 55.

I’ve demo’d several form builders at this point… Formidible does have page logic, but it only allows skipping the next page. Their recommendation was to keep skipping that user through pages until they land on the right one, which won’t work for huge jumps like pg. 5 to 55.

Anything? Or do I need to write this from scratch with ACF &….?


  1. Dan Zeff says

    Maybe with Gravity Forms? I don’t think there is an option to jump to a specific page out of the box, but the plugin’s documentation is extensive and with the right hooks you might be able to code a custom solution.

  2. Jean-Pierre Michael says

    Look at typebot or questionscout

  3. Mark Strus says

    Fluent forms pro I believe can do this.

  4. Christopher Fischbach says

    I think that should be doable with Fluent Forms.

    Shahjahan Jewel can you confirm?

  5. Pepe Juntunen says

    Check out Piotnet Forms.

  6. Damien Bailey says

    Ws forms let’s you use conditional logic to hide entire tabs which are basically pages.

  7. Kate Renshaw says

    WP Fluent Forms Pro has conditional logic and conversational forms for this purpose:

  8. Vince Balk says

    GF has conditional and page breaks. Even save and continue later (https only)

  9. Paul Gleave says

    Gravityforms allows for pagination, and conditional entries – so all fields can display based on conditional entries of previous answers

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