the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Mirza says

    Too much text

  2. Chris says

    Looks good! Oxygen is so much fun and I love the freedom it gives to build almost any layout. Good job!
    My first O2 site from about a year ago was

  3. Martin says

    Looks really nice on mobile, good work

  4. Alan says

    Looks good

  5. Willi says

    Looks great on iPhone 11 – well done

  6. Sorin says


  7. Allan says

    Thanks guys

  8. Farhan says

    What a simple, yet awesome website! Well done! Small remark – there is no T&C on the contact page but there is a checkbox for it?

  9. Rémi says

    Looking really good man ! i like the SEO work especially 🙂

    i’d center those tho :

  10. Milan says

    Site is – Blocking Directive Source head > meta

  11. Christopher says

    Hello what element did you use to create the cookies consent at the home page? Are you using the modal? Thanks in advance!

  12. Mattias says

    Which plugin did you use for the form/booking? Great work.

  13. David says

    Looks good. There’s some words missing in some of the home page text. I’d change service headings to uppercase or sentence case – title case looks odd.

  14. Sasha says

    Very clean on mobile. 👍

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