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[fixed with Robert Chans solution]

[fixed with Robert Chans solution]

Hey guys!
I’m FINALLY working on my portfolio and have a “short version” done so far.
The only problem is, that on mobile devices the cover-carousel looks wrong – the previous cover overlays the selected and I don’t know why. On chrome inspect mode it looks fine.
Thanks for your help!


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  1. Maminiaina says

    Amazing website! The cover carousel works well on my s20 phone and on safari on my ipad

  2. Robert says

    looks fine on chrome android
    overlaps on safari osx (edit: in responsive mode) though
    google around for z-index being overridden / canceled by transform, i saw some fixes that say apply translate3d on some elements but can’t try for you at the moment

  3. Rodrigo says

    It overlaps the wrong way in Safari 14.0.3 in Mojave as well. Is it a special webkit thing?

  4. Алексей says

    Great site. Nice work. How did you implement your portfolio web design?

  5. Jasper says

    Looks good on iPhone 13. Love ur banner slider idea

  6. John says

    Great work. I love the fluidity and nice color scheme for your brand

  7. Marcel says

    Looks really good! Congrats!

  8. Mattia says

    Super website 💪💪💪

  9. Farhan says

    Great site! How did you achieve the cover carousel? (Noob here)

  10. David says

    Works perfect on Huawei P30 Pro 👌

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