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Font Size Changing Question

Font Size Changing Question

Guys, I’m having a hard time with Core templates/components.
The text font size won’t change? Is there another plugin interfering or not compatible with OxyNinja?
All other Plugins:
  • Hydrogen Pack
  • OxyAgency
  • OxyToolBox
  • OxyMade
  • Rank Math Pro
Would love to know some tips thanks!


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  1. Steve says

    Are you using the core-sizing stylesheet?

  2. John says

    Not sure how oxy made and oxy ninja work together, maybe there is a problem..(never tried both of them on the same website)

  3. Joshua says

    Dude, remove OxyMade.

  4. David says

    Josh Saga our font sizes are controlled from our Core-Sizing stylesheet in Oxygen, you can freely edit it

  5. Macaulus says

    I gotta say, more than annoying that you seem to have gone and decided to change my font sizes, on the back of me realising you pushed the clamp sizing on your padding and margin classes without any choice in the matter a while back. Nothing i like more than being woken up every day that week to constant emails from clients telling me their sites are f^ck3d… leaving me to figure out it was your update, like kids at xmas, excited with your new toy clamp, had to make sure we all saw it meh…
    Goes without saying, although im going to say it, that i much would have preferred you offered the change and not just decided that a heap of my sites would now just be better off having the font sizes adjusted by your latest update because you guys have stumbled upon CSS variables as your new shiny toy…

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