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For the German users… in combination with German Market

For the German users… in combination with German Market

I miss many details in the single product template. Base prices, delivery notes … everything that is normally included by hook in German Market.

also there are differences between the single product and variants product display.

with the variants, the details are all there after variant selection, but not with the single product.

I am also missing the tabs, which were supplemented with custom tabs.

are there any tips and sources to read?

using wooninja, too


  1. Matt Yabs says

    Easy to deal with German users. Just make some obvious mistakes elsewhere that breaks some rules. Maybe have no impressum link on your website or something. They’ll be too preoccupied that you broke ze rules that they’ll overlook your missing elements. 🙂

  2. Robert Hellmundt says

    Are you using Germanized?

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