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Forum Plugins for Oxygen

Forum Plugins for Oxygen 🤔

I have read a number of previous posts on this group and scoured google for info about forum plugins for Oxygen – has anyone found a straightforward and relatively easy solution for this?

So BuddyPress and Buddy Boss aren’t compatible because they need a theme – therefore Sridhar Katakam ‘s plugin Oxygen theme enabler could be used but my concern is that is the forum grows its just going to get messy. Before I go down the route I wanted to see if anyone could offer up suggestions for a solution.

The site I have built has Memberpress, so the forum should only be accessible for members. I am looking for a solution that will be seamless with this, be able to look good, and of course, work properly, allow group discussion as well as private messages. Basically the unicorn wish list of easy forums


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