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freelance proposal

freelance proposal
Hello, I work for a web agency which creates sites under oxygenbuilder. We are currently looking for freelance oxygenbuilder integrators.
If this may interest you, do not hesitate to contact me!



Arya Design Set

  1. Travis says

    Yes, I realize this question may mean i’m not the target audience for this post. Oxygenbuilder integrator? What do you want to integrate with?

  2. Farisul says

    By integration you meant you’ll send designs to implement right?

  3. Marco says

    I DM to you

  4. Gorakh says

    sent you a DM

  5. Jerome says

    intéressant ! travail récurent ?

  6. Davor says

    maybe is better to leave email, many dm will be marked as spam.

  7. Jaswinder says

    Phillipe Lagarde , check inbox please

  8. Noureddine says

    Oxygen Designers and Developers for Hire

  9. Wouter says

    I’ve send you a pm

  10. Michaël says

    Intéressé également !

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