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  1. Travis says

    I’ve actually been meaning to make a post in this group detailing the features of Recoda Workspace and why it is a total gamechanger! I’m glad to see this here. People seriously need to check this one out. It’s without a doubt the best editor enhancement plugin now IMO.

  2. Chris says

    OMG – I’ve just downloaded this and installed on one of my sites – This is pretty damned awesome. Can’t believe it’s free too!

  3. Cliff says

    I agree that this is amazing – adds so much to the O2 builder I love how it shows what classes are applied to an element and then click on a class and it visually shows you what settings are applied to that class and in what section. Though I worry about getting used to using these awesome features and the plugin does not keep up with the ongoing development of O2 especially since this is free – wonder if its free to get people hooked then they add a pricing model down the line – that would be OK if it continued to be developed and it was a reasonable cost. I am using this on my own site for now and not client sites while I evaluate it. I would certainly recommend any O2 developer to look at what this tool offers!

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