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Good morning guys and thank you for accepting me in the group.

Good morning guys and thank you for accepting me in the group.

I have been dealing with Brand Identity Web for over 20 years, developing and working on WordPress and I use Astra and Elementor as a builder.

I find it fantastic but, unfortunately, still very heavy.

For days, therefore, I have purchased Oxygen and I am trying to understand something quickly for myself and my customers.

I am trying to work on one of my websites to understand how the transition from Elementor to Oxygen can be made. I have a thousand questions of course 🙂

But I’d start with these three.
1) Responsive. On Elementor, the view on other devices is easily proposed and there is very little to correct. How do you do it on Oxygen?
2) I created a MAIN template containing HEADER, INNER CONTENT and FOOTER applicable on the whole site. Good. Considering that I am working on a website with pages already made and processed with Elementor, when I edit the page, how can I modify the old content?
3) I understand that for example customizable bullets is not a standard Oxygen block. So which package to use to have all the elements of Elementor available?



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